Tip 1: Take better Travel Photos



TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY is an incredibly wide subject covering landscape and nature photography, people, festivals, culture, food, markets, adventure activities and many other themes. Good travel photos are those which capture the unique character or environment of a particular place, whether it is a city, country or national park. Think about how Paris is different from Tokyo, or the Sahara Desert from Patagonia.

Do a bit of research beforehand to find out what the place is like and then when you are there, try to take a wide variety of shots. You want to get some wider scenes of the city or place and mix them with other more detailed images. For a natural area, these could include the fauna and flora, fields, lakes, rocks and farmhouses. In towns or cities, capture the sites and monuments, colorful markets and food, people and their trades, cultural sites and, of course, the local festivals and transport.

Ideally, the best travel photos should help remind you of your experiences in that place, the things you saw and did, the people you met, the food you tasted, the sounds you heard… and make others want to go there and experience it for themselves.


A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed.

                                                                                                                                                       – Ansel Adams –

Here’s a series of photos giving you an idea of what you might find in Queretaro on a trip:


Red building, Queretaro

Queretaro city is full of brightly colored buildings

VW Beetle, Queretaro

A typical “vocho” or VW Beetle

Market in Queretaro

A food stand in the market

Interior of mansion in Queretaro

Inside La Casa de la Marquesa

Aqueduct of Queretaro

Aqueduct of Queretaro at sunset

Church in Queretaro

One of the many churches in the city

Flower seller outside church in Queretaro

A flower seller outside a church

Night activity in a plaza in Queretaro

At night in one of the squares

Girl holding flowers with baby on back, Queretaro

Indigenous girl with baby and flowers

Mural, Queretaro

Part of the mural celebrating the Mexican Revolution in the Palacio de Gobierno

Street in Queretaro

Street in the centre of Queretaro


“Lupitas” for sale


Museo de Arte in Queretaro





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