Tip 2: Pay attention to the background

Pay attention to the background of your photo. Keep it as clear and harmonious as possible.

Lady at juice stand, Mexico City


Man and church, Tlalpujahua


Avoid cluttered, fussy backgrounds since they distract the eye from the subject of the photo. A plain background helps the subject stand out on its own. An interesting background will give the image context.

Example 1:

Dark red VW Beetle in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico

Clear background            Red VW Beetle in Mexico City

Background giving some context                                                                       

Red and gold VW Beetle in Mexico City

Messy, uninspiring background


Example 2:

Sometimes you just need to wait a few minutes for the people in the background to move.


Three children on their knees in front of the Basilica de Guadlupe, Mexico City


Example 3:

You may need to change your position and viewpoint for a more pleasing photo.


Men playing chess in the Alameda Park, Mexico City


Food stand on the beach, Puerta Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico


Example 4:

Move in closer or crop to cut out messy backgrounds.

Crafts in market, Mexico City

Metal star, craft market, Mexico City


 Example 5:

Blur the background using a shallow depth of field, a telephoto or macro lens or by panning against an interesting background.

Egret, Mexico City

Taxi in Santa Fe, Mexico City


Sometimes the background, although a bit “busy”, helps put the picture in context as in the following examples:

Mercado San Juan, Mexico City

San Juan market in Mexico City

Ladies selling food by the road, Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico City

Ladies selling food by the road, Cuernavaca, Morelos

Musicians in the street, Basilica, Mexico City

Musicians in the street near the Basilica de Guadalupe, Mexico City

Finding good backgrounds for your pictures comes with practice but once your eye is trained, you will soon be creating stronger photos.








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