Photo Walk Nº2 – Chapultepec Park

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Photo Walk Nº2 was originally supposed to be around the Zócalo but we had to change our venue because of the Pope’s visit. It was going to start in Chapultepec Castle and then the route would take us through the park to the Anthropology Museum where we would see the Voladores de Papantla in action. However, little did we imagine that the Castle would also be closed due to a major military march.

So instead of photographing the castle as our main feature, we wandered around the park. Armed with our cameras, nine of us set off to shoot places and people in the world’s second largest urban park, el Bosque de Chapultepec. After taking shots of the Monumento a los Niños Heroes, we came across a group of beautifully groomed horses and their riders, waiting to take part in the Marcha de la Lealtad in the Castle and they kindly allowed us to take pictures. We made our way through the park, past colorful stands and candy floss sellers and warmed ourselves up on a cup of coffee at the Starbucks inside the park. It is a semi open-air café and comes complete with trees inside.

From there, we went on to find the Voladores de Papantla who were about to perform their ritual flying dance. They let us take their photos and explained a bit more to us about the dance and about themselves… a nice way to end the photo walk.

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