Tip 4: Get up high


Getting up high  can give you some great photos as far as landscapes and cityscapes are concerned. In Mexico City, the viewpoint from the top of the Torre Latinoamericana is ideal for sweeping views over the city. But just by holding your camera up high above your head, you can get some different shots of ordinary scenes, like in markets. Try photographing a cactus from above, or looking down a spiral staircase for a more abstract photo. And don’t forget what’s down where your feet are.



Looking down on Malinalo, Estado de México

Looking down on the town of Malinalco from the ruins on the mountain

Traffic outside the front of Bellas Artes, Mexico City

Traffic outside the Palacio de Bellas Artes, Mexico City

Lady weaving, Mexico City

Lady from Oaxaca weaving with a portable loom

Cooking stand, Mexico City

Open-air food stand in Colonia Roma, Mexico City

Cactus, Mexico City

Cactus plants and their shadows, Jardin Botánico, Mexico City

Spiral staircase, Loteria Nacional, Mexico City

Looking down a spiral staircase, Mexico City

Estudio-casa Diego Rivera, Mexico City

Man in the patio of the Casa-Estudio de Diego Rivera, San Angel, Mexico City

San Juan market, Mexico City

Lady at a food stand in the San Juan Market, Mexico City

Soldiers in the Palacio Nacional, Mexico city

Soldiers parading in the inner courtyard of the Palacio Nacional, Mexico City

Floor tiles, Queretaro

Elegant floor tiles in a small restaurant in Queretaro

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