Photo Walk Nº4 – Around the Zócalo

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With the Pope’s visit finally over, we were able to head down to the Zócalo for our Photo Walk Nº 4, armed with our cameras, ready to shoot some of the places we may have been before but had never really looked at them from the point of view of getting more creative photos.

Some of the mini-assignments were to go beyond the postcard and photograph the Zócalo and Cathedral in a more creative way, vertical instead of horizontal, or using the archways as a natural frame. The arches around the Zocalo and windows along the Palacio Nacional were ideal for capturing repetitions and patterns. To continue with our on-going theme of the Mexican national emblem, we took shots of the life-size monument showing the Aztecs sighting the eagle on top of the cactus with a snake in its mouth, just off the main square.

At the Palacio Nacional, we “froze” the water in the Pegasus fountain using a high shutter speed and had to find Frida Kahlo depicted in Diego Rivera’s murals – The History of Mexico. To get a sense of scale, we added people in our images in the patio below or the school children having a history lesson while listening to the explanations of the murals. A nice coincidence… there was a beautiful photo exhibition on Mexico in the inner gardens of the Palacio Nacional so we got a bit of inspiration from other photographers.

Outside, we did a bit of street photography in the backstreets with the high noise levels and busy-ness. At the Cathedral, we got down low to shoot candles in the foreground and practised shooting in low light. Then our coffee stop was in a restaurant overlooking the Zócalo from where we got shots from a completely different angle. Time ran out but we managed to make a visit to the Gran Hotel to immortalize its magnificent Tiffany dome.

As we didn’t do everything on the route, we will return in the future to continue.

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