Photo Walk Nº5 – Condesa

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Our fifth Photo Walk took place in Condesa, a delightful neighborhood in Mexico City famous for its parks, art-deco architecture, pavement cafés and restaurants, bicycles, dogs and its more laid-back atmosphere. Our assignment was to capture the colorful character of this leafy, bohemian “barrio” with our cameras and we soon discovered there were more than enough opportunities to do this.

We began in Parque México and with its dog trainers and dogs of every shape, size and breed. It didn’t take us long to be able to recognize the art-deco style buildings with their sleek lines and geometric shapes and the unusual fountain in Popocatépetl Square. As we made our way up Veracruz Street, we came across several rather unusual sites which grabbed our attention, such as a life-size 3-D rhino and lioness plodding their way up the side of a buildings, or the unique murals in brick in the restaurant La Colomba.

The Tuesday morning “tianguis”, an outdoor market which takes over part of Pachuca Street, was a riot of colorful fruit and vegetables and we were offered tastes of many of the products. With so much to photograph, we could have stayed on for much longer but time ran out.

The Condesa neighborhood is a photographer’s paradise with surprises to be found in almost every street… well worth taking your camera!

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