Photo Walk Nº6 – Centro Histórico

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Our sixth Photo Walk centred on the Plaza de Santo Domingo in the Centro Histórico and also took us to some little-known places in the back streets of the capital. 

Just a couple of blocks away from the Zócalo is Mexico City’s second most important square, the Plaza de Santo Domingo. Here we wandered around the square and then went into the SEP building (Secretaría de Educación Pública) where we discovered scores of not-so-well-known murals by Diego Rivera. The two inner courtyards are a haven of peace and quite unexpected in a busy place like this.

After a visit to the church of Santo Domingo and getting to grips with some low-light photography, we met some of today’s small printers and modern day “scribes” in the Portal de los Evangelistas. Formerly, this was where the scribes wrote letters and official documents for illiterate people. Now the small booths have been converted into mini-printing presses where you can get your wedding or communion invitations printed. Some people still sit under the arches at tiny wooden tables and using ancient manual typewriters, type out official letters. Very interesting.

We then made our way through the streets specializing in dresses for weddings and quinceañeras to the former Casa de los Condes de Heras y Soto, a beautiful old colonial mansion, where a surprise awaits those who peer in the doorway… the original head of the Angel de la Independence which was destroyed in the earthquake of 1957.

Our final stop, where we had a coffee and brunch stop, was the famous Café de Tacuba, its walls covered with works of art.


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