Photo Walk Nº7 – San Angel

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Our seventh Photo Walk took us around San Angel, one of Mexico City’s most colorful neighborhoods, which still conserves its feeling of a tranquil Colonial town, complete with cobbled streets, leafy squares and many beautiful old mansions.

Our overall assignment was to capture the colors and special atmosphere of this “barrio mágico” with our cameras, especially looking for details. We set off from Plaza del Carmen with its cobbled streets and made our way up Calle Amargura, taking shots of some of the colorful mansions and the details along the way. After a brief look inside some of the shops in Plaza de Tenanitl, we made our way into the peaceful gardens of the Church of San Jacinto and photographed the hidden corners of this beautiful old convent, one of the first Catholic churches to be built in Mexico.

The Plaza de San Jacinto is the biggest one in this area with gardens and fountains and is surrounded by interesting places to visit, shop or eat in. We went into the Casa del Risco with its spectacular fountain with Talavera pottery, ceramic plates and abalone shells, free of charge. With so much to photograph, we decided to leave our coffee stop to the end and continued along to the Mercado San Angel with its eating places, its stands piled high with fruit, vegetables, fish, baskets, piñatas or flowers and its interesting murals.

Our last stops were to the Convent of El Carmen, with its beautiful tiles, gold-leaf altar, painted domes and side-chapels and then on to the small flower market nearby.




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