Photo Walk Nº8 – Condesa

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For our eighth Photo Walk, we returned to Condesa for those who hadn’t been on our first walk there. Once again we started off from Parque México and spent time photographing the dog trainers and the scores of dogs of all shapes and sizes. We also took special notice of the art-deco architecture in this area and tried to capture the atmosphere of this special neighborhood.

After making our way to Popocatépetl fountain, we joined Avenida Amsterdam which follows the oval-shaped route of the former horse-racing track. From there, we walked through Parque España and up Calle Veracruz, lined with jacaranda trees and more interesting buildings. One even had a life-size 3D rhino and lioness creeping up the wall! Nearly every street in Condesa has something surprising or interesting to photograph, as we have been discovering.

The street market or “tianguis” held on Tuesday morning in Calle Pachuca is always a colorful, mouth-watering affair but it’s not easy to photograph due to the bright pink cloths hung up as a roof over the stands. The green guacamole in the molcajete at one of the eating stands was unrecognizable! However, where there was a break in the awning or at the stands without any covering, we managed to get some good shots. And some good tastes too!

Finally we ambled back down to the parks with our cameras still clicking away. 

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