Tip Nº8 – Fill the frame


One of the easiest ways to make an image stronger is to fill the frame with the main subject of your photograph. You can do this by zooming up to it, or by getting physically closer. This means that the person looking at your photo will focus completely on the subject. Be careful that your image is clear and sharp, especially in the details.

This type of shot is great for markets, food, crafts, portraits and details. Patterns or repetitions can be emphasized and by excluding other information giving context, you can also make some great abstract photos using this technique.

If your pictures aren’t good enough, you aren’t close enough.

 – Robert Capa –

Getting closer and filling the frame helps you become more involved and intimate with the subject.

Here are some examples:

Nature and landscape

IMG_9079  IMG_3060       IMG_1998  IMG_4636

(Lichen on stone wall, Estado de México; small stone on Bocana beach, S. Oaxaca, close-up of cactus, Mexico City; jacaranda tree, Mexico City)

Markets and crafts

IMG_8600  IMG_0222  IMG_0504  IMG_4121

(Beaded design by Voladores de Papantla, Mexico City; glasses in shop, Colonia Roma; embroidered flower on dress, Oaxaca; black pot, Mexico City)


IMG_0270  IMG_2461    IMG_9808  IMG_3639

(Mexican sauces, Mexico City; roasted corn on the cob, Mexico City; tortillas cooking, Queretaro; sweet sticky apples, Mexico City)


IMG_0053   IMG_2891    IMG_0233-2  IMG_1288

(Mounted policeman’s spurs; Day of the Dead display; colorful trajineras at Xochimilco; sawdust carpets made by Tlaxcala artisans – all in Mexico City)


IMG_7363  IMG_6280

IMG_8199  IMG_0043-1  IMG_3167-1

(Young mother with her child, Mexico City; baby girl in the Kangaroo Care scheme, Tlalnepantla Hospital; small boy playing the accordion in the streets of Queretaro; Mariachi, Mexico City; charro and horse, Mexico City)


IMG_3290  IMG_8689  IMG_8361  IMG_7217-001

(Orangutan at the zoo, Mexico City; chameleon, Mexico City; puppy, Condesa; peacock from behind, Dolores Olmedo Museum)


IMG_3882-001  IMG_0594     IMG_8938  IMG_5481      IMG_4952  IMG_1787    IMG_3232  IMG_4714

(Basilica de Guadalupe, Mexico City; detail of kiosko in Malinalco, Estado de México; New Polanco, Mexico City; Moorish Kiosko, Santa Maria La Ribera; street art and sign, Colonia Roma; Frida Kahlo’s Blue House, Coyoacán; old and new architecture, Puebla; façade of house, Mexico City)

Street scenes

IMG_1183  IMG_0354  IMG_0240

(Along Masaryk Street, Polanco; window cleaners along Reforma, Mexico City; table and chairs on street, Colonia Roma)

Museums and culture

IMG_5451  IMG_6665  IMG_8578  IMG_9329

(El Vochol, Mexico City; close-up of Diego Rivera’s mural mosaic, Teatro de Insurgentes; one of the stained glass panels at Cosmovitral, Toluca; heads of the Atlantes in Tula, Hidalgo)

Abstract and patterns

IMG_2424    IMG_2452  IMG_2563  IMG_2369

(Banana leaf, Chapultepec Park; red pyramids, Mexico City; colorful design on a giant alebrije, Mexico City; cactus garden, Chapultepec Park)

Look for opportunities to fill the frame and make your photos stand out even more.








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