The Watercolor Museum, a haven of peace and art

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Hidden in one of the quiet backstreets in Coyoacán, a colorful leafy neighborhood in Mexico City, is the Museo Nacional de la Acuarela Alfredo Guati Rojo. Set in a house in beautiful walled grounds, the Watercolor Museum is a delightful place to wander around and to marvel at the artistic creations inside. Founded by Mexican artist Alfredo Guati Rojo, it contains a permanent collection of 300 paintings donated by the artist and his wife and also has an area given over to temporary exhibitions.

The current temporary exhibition is called “Grandes Maestros: Asia – México” and ends on 17th April. It’s hard to believe that some of the exhibits are watercolor paintings and not photographs, such is the incredible detail. This place is well worth a visit, especially if you are interested in art.


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  1. Carlos García A says:

    No se pierdan ésta magnífica exposición, 20 grandes maestros de la acuarela, 10 mexicanos y 10 asiáticos. Últimos días. Gracias Patricia Guzmán por este gran trabajo.

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