Mexican-style Dance of the Moors and Christians


The community of San Lorenzo in the Valle de Teotihuacán celebrates its “Danza de Moros y Cristianos” (Dance of the Moors and Christians) at the Basilica each year on the last Sunday in April. The origin of this festival is from Spain and it commemorates the battle between the Moors (Muslims) and the Christians during the Reconquista of Spain in the 13th Century. It was brought over to Mexico by the Spaniards and is now re-enacted in many places, with a certain degree of Mexican poetic licence, complete with mariachi hats or even in some cases has been adapted to become the Christans and the Aztecs. The whole community of San Lorenzo takes part in this festival at the Basilica de Guadalupe in Mexico City, with dancers of all ages, colorful costumes, a musical band and lots of tacos.

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