Photo Walk Nº12 – Coyoacán

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Our 12th Photo Walk took us to Coyoacán, a beautiful neighborhood with leafy cobbled streets lined with large Colonial style mansions and lots of color. When walking through the old town, it’s easy to forget you are actually in one of the largest cities in the world.

We started off taking a series of photos of the “Fuente de los Coyotes” in the Jardín Centenario using different shutter speeds to photograph the fountain and then made our way to the Iglesia de San Juan Bautista, one of the landmarks in the main square of Coyoacán. The interior was replete with paintings on the ceilings and gilded altars. Across the Plaza Hidalgo we took photos of the distinctive French Kiosco surrounded by balloon sellers and children feeding pigeons. Behind this is the Casa de Cortés where we entered the courtyard to get a glimpse inside.

Although there was so much more to photograph in the main square, we decided to leave that for another day and made our way back to the Jardín Centenario and started walking up Avenida Francisco Sosa, perhaps the most beautiful street in this area. Not only did we photograph the Colonial mansions but we also stopped to have fresh coconut and mango from a couple of street vendors who kindly allowed us to take some pictures.

We arrived at the Capilla de Santa Catarina, one of the oldest ones in Mexico City, decked out with bright flags ready for the Festival of Santa Catarina in a few days’ time. A couple of picturesque Mexican cantinas and a small theatre line one of the other sides of the shady square and we also came across a man playing classical guitar under the shade of a tree. We then made a short visit to the Casa de Cultura and discovered that behind the high walls was a beautiful Colonial mansion and lush gardens.

This was only a small part of Coyoacán and we will be discovering more of its delights and colorful “rincones” sometime next month.

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