Photo Walk around Cholula, Puebla

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Cholula, one of Mexico’s Pueblos Mágicos, lies close to the city of Puebla and is known for its dozens of churches. Its origins go back to before Aztec times when the Great Pyramid of Cholula was built, the largest pyramid in the world. Today this looks like a grassy hill with a church, Nuestra Señora de los Remedios, standing on top. On clear days, you can see the volcano Popocatepetl in the distance.

Our walk started in the centre of Cholula where we photographed the Convento de San Gabriel, one of the oldest religious sites in the Americas, before making our way to the Great Pyramid. We decided to walk through one of the tunnels excavated right through the centre of the pyramid, emerging the other side at the archeological site. For those who suffer from claustrophobia, this would probably not be such a pleasant experience. Outside we met a man making small straw pictures and took photos of him at work and also some of the birds and cactus plants on this side of the hill. Next we walked around the base of the pyramid and then climbed to the top and went into the church, packed with flowers from the festival the day before, and spent some time taking photos of the views over the city.

After coming down we wandered through the area of souvenir stands with their brightly colored products and also saw the ruins excavated at the bottom of the hill which give an idea of what this place must have been like many centuries ago.

Cholula is an interesting blend of colorful buildings, photogenic churches and archeological ruins and is well worth a visit.

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