Photo Walk Nº18 – Mexican Independence in Coyoacán

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With Mexican Independence just a few days away, Photo Walk Nº18 took place in Coyoacán and had a special Independence flavor to it. One of the assignments was to capture the festive colors of red, green and white in the Mexican flags, decorations and even food, as well as taking photos of this very colorful barrio.

As usual, we met at the Fuente de los Coyotes in the Jardin Centenario, explored that square and then crossed over to the church, one of the three oldest in Mexico City. The Casa de Hernán Cortés was being prepared for the celebrations and we saw where the bell would be rung during the ceremony of El Grito. Along the way, we made a quick visit to the Museo de Culturas Populares, taking our group photo in front of the large Árbol de la Vida in the garden.

At the Mercado de Coyoacán, some of us tried the famous tostadas under the watchful eye of Donald Trump and Peña Nieto, large pinyatas at the neighboring stand. Trump was finally purchased by someone in the group. Next we visited the stalls selling children’s Independence costumes and then some of the food stands which had been set up in a nearby street. The people preparing the food kindly let us take photos and explained about the dishes, including pozole, one of the most popular ones eaten during the Fiestas Patrias. 



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