Photo Walk Nº20 – Around the Alameda Park

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Photo Walk Nº20 was our first photo walk on Wednesday morning and, once again, we had a group of keen photographers who also wanted to explore the city. 

We met at the Palacio de Bellas Artes and one of our main assignments was to shoot this famous landmark in different ways, going beyond the usual postcard picture. To do so, we took photos from different angles and looked for reflections in windows and smaller details. Inside, we experimented with exposures using a high ISO in the low light conditions. Next we walked over to the Palacio de Correos and on to the Casa de los Azulejos, a very photogenic building.

As we crossed over the main road, we experimented with slow shutter speeds to capture the movement of the cars and buses. Then, to get some photos looking down at the Palacio de Bellas Artes, we went up to the café at the top of the SEARS building and had a coffee at Don Porfirio’s while taking lots of pictures of the panorama in front of us. We were fortunate to have a fairly clear view with some blue sky and clouds.

Later, in the Plaza de Juárez we had fun taking abstract shots and photos of the patterns created by the hundreds of red pyramids in the fountain area. Time ran out so we will have to complete the rest of this walk another day.

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