Photo Walk Nº21 – Around the Zocalo

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Photo Walk Nº21 finally took place after it had to be re-scheduled. When we arrived in the Zocalo, we discovered that they were unexpectedly setting up an event there so weren’t able to get our panoramic views. But we found plenty else to photograph: the arches around the square, the nearby streets, buildings and streets visibly “sinking” into the soft soil, organ grinders and many other great subjects. There is always a lot going on in the Zocalo.

In the Palacio Nacional, we spent some time photographing the cactus garden and the beautiful central patio, the fountains and, of course, Diego Rivera’s spectacular mural “The History of Mexico” which covers the entire main stairwell and part of the first floor. 

We peeped down at the Templo Mayor and took a few shots in the Cathedral where a mass was being held. The rooftop terrace of a hotel in the square was a great place for views looking down and across at the different buildings. Finally, we visited the Gran Hotel with its art nouveau style and stunning Tiffany dome, where the James Bond film, “Spectre” was filmed. 

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