Photo Walk Nº 23 – Parque Lincoln (Polanco) and more

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For Photo Walk Nº23, we met in Parque Lincoln in Polanco where some of the structures from Mexico Design Week 2016 were still installed in the two ponds. Reflections were one of the themes during this walk so we took our group photo at the very beginning to get a good reflection image. This walk was the first one where we were accompanied by a little dog who also served as a model for some of our photos!

After spending some time around the park, we made our way across Paseo de la Reforma to the Memorial a las Victims de la Violencia. Although it is actually very close and surrounded by major roads, it isn´t a very well-known place. 70 large slabs made of steel which have rusted over the last few years and turned red, stand like a metallic forest, somewhat like an extension of the Bosque de Chapultepec. They serve as gigantic tombstones and bear the names of thousands of victims of violence here in Mexico. It is also a place where people can express how they feel and leave some message or drawing next to the quotes of some well-known people engraved on the walls. We tried to capture the essence of this place and its significance.

Almost next to it, and just the other side of Campo Marte, we visited the Plaza de Servicio a la Patria, once again for the most part unknown to locals and tourists alike. In a beautiful peaceful garden, guarded by three guards in gala uniforms, are a series of sculptures of symbols representing every state in Mexico. The unusual thing is that they have been created using guns and old weapons. 

The Auditorio Nacional looms over the garden and so we moved on there to take a few photos and then returned to Parque Lincoln and finished off our photo shoot with a visit to Pepe Soho’s photography gallery.

Finally those of us who weren’t in a hurry decided to have something to eat and a chat at Le Pain Quotidian to finish off the walk.



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  1. Mo says:

    Had such a great time. Hope to join you again in the future!

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