Photography Trip to Metepec, Estado de México

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Our photography trip to Metepec in the nearby Estado de México was full of color, crafts and surprises. This Pueblo Mágico, famous for its ceramic árboles de la vida (trees of life), lies close to Toluca and about an hour from Mexico City.

Our walk took us down streets with colorful houses decorated with ceramic suns and angels, up to the Iglesia del Calvario on the Cerro de Magueyes and on to the Feria de Alfeñique, where all kinds of sugar figures were on sale. This tradition originated in Italy and was brought over to Mexico by the Spaniards where they have adapted it and make their famous sugar skulls for Día de Muertos.

Later we visited the Museo del Barro and were surprised to see the end of a Day-of-the-Dead play put on by grandparents dressed up as catrinas and skeletons. They were happy to let us photograph them and rather enjoyed the attention. The Museum had many different local arts and crafts on display, including the winning entries of Trees of Life from contests in earlier years. We were also able to see one of the master craftsman as he made small clay figures.

After wandering around the main square in the centre, we had lunch before walking down to where there are many small shops selling local ceramic goods and where we saw the artisans making and painting their pottery items. Prices are very reasonable here for all the work that goes into these intricate crafts.

Trees of Life

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