Photo Walk Nº27 – Street art and architecture in Colonia Roma

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Our 27th Photo Walk to Colonia Roma almost had to be re-scheduled due to wet weather but three brave people decided to go ahead and do the walk. Luckily the rain kept away for the most part and we had a great time wandering the streets of Colonia Roma, photographing the architecture, the urban art and local life.

Colonia Roma was where wealthy residents lived at the beginning of the 1900s and many of the mansions they built still line the streets. This neighborhood suffered severe damage in the 1985 earthquake and the area was subsequently abandoned and left to decay until recently when new interest has been shown in it. Many buildings have now been restored, restaurants, cafés and art galleries liven the wide tree-lined streets and it has become one of the “cool” places to hang out in Mexico City. In fact, at times you feel you are in Europe and not in Mexico.

We started the walk at Casa Lamm, a mansion now housing an art and cultural centre, and made our way up to Plaza de Rio de Janeiro, getting some good shots of the architecture, street art and other details. Next we headed back down to Álvaro Obregon and to the streets on the other side and as far as Plaza Luis Cabrera. Small stores, local food stands, bookshops and many other small details caught our eye and we were able to get a wide variety of shots capturing the character of this neighborhood. Although light rain joined us for the last part of the walk, it didn’t deter us and we were glad we had made the effort.

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