Photo Walk Nº28 – Colonia Roma

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At last, we got some good weather on our 28th Photo Walk which took us around part of Colonia Roma. With bright sunshine and blue skies, we explored this neighborhood with its tree-lined streets and European-style mansions, many of them now home to restaurants, cultural centres, art galleries and offices. 

We began the walk at Casa Lamm, a beautiful mansion with a well-kept garden, which is now a cultural centre. “Mini” the dog had to wait outside while we took photos there but soon joined us on our walk up Calle Orizaba and posed in front of the street murals there. There were a number of dogs being trained and walked in Plaza de Rio de Janeiro, one of Roma’s most popular squares with its large statue of Michelangelo’s David in the middle of the fountain.

After a brief photo shoot of some local ladies making baskets and flowers along the side of the road, some of us tried out some “empanadas” being sold from a small mobile stand. Across the street was UNAM’s Casa del Libro, housed in another elegant mansion, and a little further on was the Museo del Objeto del Objeto, where we stopped to take photos of the hundreds of padlocks locked to the railings outside. 

We next crossed Alvaro Obregon and explored some of the art-nouveau buildings and street murals in the nearby streets and the Plaza de Luis Cabrera with a fountain in the centre, surrounded by cafés and restaurants. Finally we made our way back to Casa Lamm along the wide walkway down the middle of Alvaro Obregon, with its large number of statues and fountains.


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