Photo Walk Nº30 – Christmas street art and Ciudadela Craft Market

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For our 30th Photo Walk, we started off by photographing some of the Christmas street art near the Monumento a Colón along Calle Morelos and other streets. These paintings have recently been commissioned by the Delegación de Cuauhtémoc to make ugly or abandoned areas in the centre look nicer and give a sense of pride to local communities. We had fun taking photos of the panels, some with Mexican Christmas themes such as piñatas and ponche (traditional Mexican Christmas punch). Mini the dog also posed for us in front of some of thems. Each painting took about 6 hours for a local urban artist to do and some were true works of art.

We then walked to Plaza de la Ciudadela and had a quick visit to the Biblioteca de México, a stunning library in a colonial building which was built to house the Tobacco Factory. Now it is a peaceful place to consult reference books or visit the five personal collections of books donated by people such as Carlos Monsivais.

Next we crossed over to the Ciudadela Craft Market where hundreds of small stalls sell all types of Mexican crafts, ranging from textiles and ceramics to baskets and alebrijes. There were also a wide variety of Christmas decorations for trees and nativity scenes. As to be expected, it was a riot of color. Our first stops were to see some of the artisans making the products and then we made our way around the market, getting shots of the different stands and close-ups of the craft items. Needless to say, most of us also bought something that caught our attention. So not only did we get to do some photography but it was a great place to do some early Christmas shopping.

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