Photo Walk Nº31 – Pilgrims at the Basilica

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Our Photo Walk Nº31 to photograph the pilgrims at the Basilica de Guadalupe was spectacular and fun and we came away with hundreds of photos. The weather was perfect with deep blue skies and the atmosphere was incredible with thousands of pilgrims pouring into La Villa.

We saw dancers from many different parts of Mexico performing their colorful dances and musicians playing to honor the Virgen de Guadalupe and thank her for her favours. Perhaps one of the most entertaining dances was the Danza de los Santiagos by pilgrims from Veracruz, a Mexican version of the Spanish “Moros y cristianos” with St James (Santiago) on his white horse fighting the devils. We also took photos of the Danza de los Negritos by pilgrims from Puebla, the Danza de las Pastoras from the Estado de México, the Danza de los Tecuanes from Puebla and other performances from Hidalgo, Puebla, Queretaro and Chiapas.

In between all the dances, there was time to visit the New and Old Basilica, climb to the top of Tepeyac Hill and see the gardens before leaving the very lively and entertaining scene in the large open square to head home.


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