Photo Walk Nº32 – Christmas in the Centro Histórico

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Photo Walk Nº32 took us back to the Centro Histórico to capture the Christmas atmosphere and winter activities in the Zócalo and nearby streets. The deep blue sky made a great backdrop for our photos but the temperatures were certainly not wintry. 

Our first stop was at the Casa de los Azulejos where we photographed the massive piñata suspended in the central patio over the tables in the restaurant as well as other Christmasy details. During the month of December, part of Calle Madero leading down to the Zócalo receives a light snowfall between 7pm and 9pm at 15 minute intervals to bring the wintry season to the heart of Mexico City. We saw the snowmen responsible for blowing the snowflakes into the air and the giant Christmas tree in the square could be seen at the very end of the street.

Once in the Zócalo, we got photos of  the unusual sight of several ice-rinks and a couple of snow slides melting in the bright sunshine, with the Cathedral looming up behind. All along the buildings surrounding the square were Christmas lights which are turned on every evening around dusk, along with the tree. That’s when the Zócalo takes on its special Christmas atmosphere and hundreds of people can be skating on the ice while others wander around taking selfies with the lights.

Later on, after checking out the new walkway over the Templo Mayor and a large nativity scene and Christmas tree made with nmchebuenas (poinsettias) in the Monte Piedad building,  we had a refreshing drink up in a café overlooking the square and took photos looking down. It was such a clear sunny day that we could see the snow-capped volcano Iztaccihuatl looming over the Palacio Nacional. Then it was time to make our way back down to the Palacio de Bellas Artes and end our photo walk.

¡Feliz Navidad!

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