Photo Walk Nº33 – Street art in the Centro Histórico and Christmas in the Zócalo

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Our last photo walk of the year took us to the Centro Histórico again which, due to the Christmas holidays, was packed with people. We met at the Palacio de Bellas Artes, and first had a quick stop in the Casa de los Azulejos to take some photos and then at the Banamex Cultural Centre to see the “nacimientos” or nativity scenes made by craftsmen from all over Mexico. Next we made our way down Calle Isabel la Católica photographing the street art, turning into Calle Regina. Being a pedestrianized street, it was quieter here and we took lots of photos of the street art and people along there.

Going up Calle 20 de noviembre, we stopped to see the Hospital de Jesús and its long mural depicting medicine during pre-Hispanic times and the first encounter between Hernán Cortés (Spanish Conquistador) and Moctezuma (Aztec ruler). When we arrived in the Zócalo, we saw the ice-skating rinks, the Christmas decorations and the large Christmas tree. Due to the large number of people, we decided not to go on to the last set of murals but instead opted to see the Gran Hotel with its stunning Tiffany dome, and enjoy a refreshing drink looking down on the Zócalo.

So that wrapped up our series of photo walks in 2016… see you in 2017 for some new ones! Happy New Year!

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