Photo Walk Nº37 – Paseo de la Reforma

Mexico City’s wide boulevard lined with modern architecture, monuments, purple jacarandas and much more





Spring has come to Mexico City and this is the best time of year to photograph Paseo de la Reforma, the city’s business and financial district, and home to some of its most important monuments. Lining this wide avenue are scores of jacaranda trees which turn it purple at this time of year. The weather on the day we did Photo Walk Nº37 was perfect.

We started by checking out the winning photos in the photography contest “Sentimientos de México” displayed in the nearby open-air gallery and commenting on what contributes to the good composition of an image, including the Rule of Thirds, leading lines, different viewpoints, balance and other tips. After that, we set off down Paseo de Reforma in search of some good photos of the architecture and monuments.

One of the themes we were looking out for was “Contrasts” such as old/new, traditional/modern, simple/sophisticated and man-made/natural. Perhaps one of the biggest contrasts was between modern Reforma with its tall office buildings and traffic, and the street running parallel to it, Calle Rio Lerma, lined with small buildings and eating places and even a typical Mexican market. Although separated by just one block, they were completely different worlds.

We also learned a few interesting facts such as that due to the sinking of Mexico City in the relatively soft ground, 14 new steps have had to be added to the base of the Angel de la Independencia.


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