Photo Walk Nº39 – Street art in the Centro Histórico

Stunning street art brings color to the Centro Histórico

Photo Walk Nº39 took us to the Centro Histórico to photograph some of the interesting urban art which is brightening up the city centre.

We had two main assignments. The first one was to capture the art itself and the local life around it. Incorporating people into the image makes it more interesting and also gives some context. We took pictures of people standing at bus stops, cyclists, children playing and whatever was going on around the street art.

The second assignment was to capture movement. This we did using two techniques. One involved focussing on the art and capturing the cyclist or car passing by. We chose a slow shutter speed and held the camera steady as the cyclist or car went past. This kept the street art in focus but the cyclist or car was blurred. The other technique we used was panning. In this case, we moved the camera along with the cyclist or car, keeping them in focus, and blurred the background.

At the end of the walk, we visited the Pepe Soho Photography Exhibition in the Museo José Luis Cuevas and admired some of his stunning photographs, including the one he won the gold medal for in the World Photographic Cup 2017.

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