Photo Walk Nº41 – Colorful Coyoacán

A cobbled street in Coyoacán lined with colorful mansions, shady trees and a delightful square

Yesterday our 41st Photo Walk took us to Coyoacán’s beautiful Av. Francisco Sosa, a long cobbled street lined with trees, colorful mansions and a number of places to visit and stop for a bite to eat. We started at the far end by the Capilla de San Sebastian and crossed the bridge over the small river, continuing down to the Casa Alvarado, now the Fonoteca Nacional, with its mudejar-stye façade. This is a beautiful colonial building with peaceful gardens complete with piped music where Octavio Paz spent his last year or so. Down the street just opposite this place is the Museo de la Acuarela which we visited briefly.

All along Av. Francisco Sosa are colorful buildings, with a variety of different features on their façades. At the Plaza de Santa Catarina, we stopped to photograph Las Lupitas, a typical Mexican restaurant, and then in the square itself we spent some time taking pictures of the simple yellow church with its brightly colored flags strung up outside for the upcoming fiestas de Santa Catarina. On the opposite side of the street is the Casa de Cultura where, among other activities going on, there was a painting class in the gardens.

Our walk took us right down the remainder of this street until we reached the Jardin Centenario with its well-known Fuente de los Coyotes where we took some last shots using different shutter speeds to get different effects on the water in the fountain.

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