Photo Walk Nº42 – Chapultepec Park and the Botanical Gardens

Nature photography and hidden corners in Chapultepec Park

On our 42nd Photo Walk, we spent time photographing the arches of flowers put up for the Flower and Gardens Festival down the centre of Reforma as well as visiting the newly designed Botanical Gardens and also explored some lesser known places in Chapultepec Park.

We experimented with different lenses, wide-angle and telephoto, when photographing the arches to get different effects and got some good shots of the flowers with backlighting. In the Botanical Gardens, we looked for patterns, lines, colors and textures as well as close-ups and details. Some of the techniques we used (those with DSLRs) was selective focus and shallow depth of field to make the subject stand out from the background. We also tried shooting “through” plants and leaves to get a softer look and tried the “bokeh” style.

Next we visited some places in the park, including the Monumento a los Niños Heroes, los Baños de Moctezuma, the Audiorama, the Fuente de Don Quijote and other hidden gems.

The last part of the walk took us along by the lake where the wild egrets are nesting and breeding and saw some baby egrets in the nests. 

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