Photo Walk Nº44 – Street art and architecture in Roma Norte

Checking out the vibrant street art and architecture of the interesting neighborhood of Roma Norte

Our 44th Photo Walk took us to Roma Norte again to photograph the street art and architecture of this neighborhood, and any other details which captured our attention.

We started our walk along Álvaro Obregón and made our way up to Plaza Romita which is well-known for its graffiti and street art. Unlike the rest of Roma Norte, this tiny area is a maze of small alleyways around a square, harking back to when it was once a small pre-Hispanic village standing on an island in the lake. In the past it had a reputation for being a dangerous place but today it retains its rather peaceful atmosphere where the locals go about their daily life seemingly oblivious to the heavy traffic and hustle and bustle just a couple of streets away. 

We were invited into the small chapel  in the square, one of the very first churches to have been built in Mexico City, dating from 1530. We learned that the film Los Olvidados was partly filmed in Plaza Romita in the 1940s and it is also mentioned in a novel. 

Afterwards, we continued to explore Roma Norte with our cameras, stopping to visit Latitud, a fine art photography gallery near Plaza de Rio de Janeiro, and finally having a bite to eat near Plaza Luis Cabrera.

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