Photo Walk Nº45 – Condesa’s parks and street market

A walk around Condesa’s leafy parks and its colorful street market

Our 45th Photo Walk took place in Condesa, one of Mexico City’s greenest areas with its two park, Parque México and Parque España. As well as exploring the parks, we photographed some of the Art-Déco buildings on our route and visited the colorful “tianguis” or street market which is held on Tuesdays in Calle Pachuca.

Our walk began at the Foro Lindbergh in Parque México where we learned a bit about the history and characteristics of this bohemian neighborhood and the Art-Déco architecture. This is also the place for dog-lovers and we took pictures of the many dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds sitting side by side being trained.

We briefly joined Calle Amsterdam, the former race-track which literally goes round in circles, and walked through Parque España before making our way to the Hotel Condesa and up Calle Veracruz to the street market. With its bright pink fabric stretched over the many stands, it was hard to get a good photo without a color cast but we enjoyed tasting the fresh fruit  and some of the food at the food stands. 

After that, we headed back to Parque México where we saw some street art at the other side of the park before ending the walk.

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