Photo Walk Nº46 – The Soumaya Museum and Polanco

Photographing some of Mexico City’s modern architecture and visiting the Soumaya Museum

Mexico City is more than a collection of Aztec ruins and colonial buildings. This route explores its vibrant avant-garde side.

Polanco’s modern architecture and the Soumaya Museum were the two main themes of Photo Walk Nº46. We met on the steps of the Museum to talk a bit about the area which was once an important industrial centre, now transformed into one of the most state-of-the-art multi-purpose sites in Mexico City. Before going in, we photographed the modern architecture around Plaza Carso looking for reflections, shapes and contrasts. Perhaps one of the biggest contrasts was the sight of the old freight train passing by on its way to the nearby industrial site of Harinas Elizondo, one of the last vestiges of its less glamorous past. 

The Soumaya Museum is a very photogenic building which seems to twist and turn and take on different shapes depending on where you stand. Once inside, our aim was to photograph the interior of the building and some of the works of art in an interesting way. This was not an in-depth visit to see all the exhibits but rather a glimpse of what can be seen here. After that, we made our way to see some attractive green walls and a multicolored pergola which we got some fun shots of.

Next we walked down towards the Palacio de Hierro which was completely renovated a couple of years ago and then into the church opposite where we got creative with the large stained glass windows, using slow shutter speeds and zooming in and out or twisting our cameras for some unusual effects. 

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