Photo Walk Nº48 – Plaza de la Ciudadela, books and crafts

A stunning library and hundreds of colorful Mexican craft stands all in one square


Photo Walk Nº48 took us to Plaza de la Ciudadela, to visit the amazing and very unexpected Library of México (Biblioteca de México), the Centro de la Imágen – a centre devoted to photography – and the well-known Ciudadela Craft Market, to photograph the craftsmen at work and the crafts on sale.

The walk started late due to the presence of protesters in the near vicinity which led to the Plaza being cordoned off, making it extremely difficult to arrive. Our first stop was to visit the library, set in a building which became known as the Citadel, or Ciudadela, due to its fortress-like appearance. This large one-storied building was actually built as a Tobacco Factory in 1807 but has also been a military HQ,  jail, hospital and seen numerous historical events. It was turned into a library in 1946  and totally remodeled in 2011 to become the spectacular library it is today. The architecture is stunning and the place a haven of quiet in this noisy chaotic area. As well as a public lending library, it also boast 5 private collections all housed in specifically designed spaces, a children’s library and one for the visually impaired. 

The Centro de la Imágen next door is run by the Secretaría de Cultura and aims to preserve, exhibit and promote photography in Mexico. Some of its exhibitions are interesting.

Finally, we crossed the street into the Ciudadela Craft Market to photograph some of the craftsmen at work and then wandered around the market stands selling colorful crafts from all over Mexico. With so many beautiful items tempting us, it was somewhat harder to focus on taking good shots and easier to think about what to buy. 




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