Photo Walk Nº50 – Mexican Independence in the Centro Histórico

Capturing the atmosphere of Mexican Independence in Mexico City’s Centro Histórico

After the long summer break, our first Photo Walk of this new season was around the Centro Histórico to photograph the special atmosphere of Mexican Independence and the Fiestas Patrias. The  idea was to take photos of all the different aspects of Mexican Independence we saw as we wandered around the streets which were awash with the colors of the flag: red, white and green.

We met outside the Palacio de Bellas Artes and learned a bit about this very important Mexican festivity, how it is celebrated and the traditional food which is eaten at this time of year. Then we made our way around some of the historic areas of the Centre and down to the Zócalo to see the decorations on the buildings surrounding the large square which are lit up at night.

On the night of the 15th September, the President will stand on the balcony of the Palacio Nacional and ring the very bell that the priest Miguel Hidalgo rang in his parish church in Dolores on this day in 1810 calling the people to  revolution, which triggered the Mexican War of Independence from Spain. In front of a crowded Zócalo, President Peña Nieto will shout out the cry of independence, “El Grito”,  ending with “Viva México!”. After this, there will be fireworks, music, flags and food with lots of partying. On Saturday 16th, military parades and other civic ceremonies will take place, commemorating Mexican Independence.

While in the Historic Centre, we also visited the place where they keep the original head of the Ángel de la Independencia which toppled to the ground during the 7.7 magnitude earthquake in 1857, and at the end of the walk, those who didn’t have to hurry back had lunch together in the historical Café Tacuba.

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