Photo Walk Nº56 – Tlalpan Historic Centre

History, vibrant colors and lots more to surprise us….

Tlalpan Historic Centre isn’t on the main tourist trails so for most of us it was a new place to visit on Photo Walk Nº56. Most of the activity takes place around the shady Plaza de la Constitución. This was especially true today as the gardens of the main square and arches of the Antiguo Palacio Nacional had been taken over by scores of tents and people protesting at the lack of housing promised years ago.

We started our walk by visiting a nearby park and Calle Moneda, taking photos of urban art and the architecture. Next we popped into Casa Frissac, a cultural centre, where they were dismantling the outdoor stage and props of the Othello play from the weekend. Due to the tents, it was a little difficult to photograph the excellent murals under the arches depicting the history of Tlalpan but we managed to get some shots to take home with us. Some of the other places we stopped at were the Alipus Mezcaleria with its bright green interior, the Mercado de la Paz, and the local History Museum showcasing the telephone used to make the first long-distance call in Mexico.

The Church of San Agustin de las Cuevas had been damaged during the recent earthquake but we were able to go in a side door and photograph the colorful peeling walls and peaceful cloister.  Next we had some refreshment in the Cafe La Selva under Los Portales before taking some last shots of the brightly-painted houses along Calle Congreso. All in all, Tlalpan’s Historic Centre is a compact photogenic area with lots to see and visit.

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