Mexico City Photo Walks for kids

A new type of photo walk specially adapted for families and kids

Our first photo walk with kids was a big success. The four young children who were visiting from their country along with their families were each given a brightly-coloured “I-Spy with My Camera” checklist of things and people to take photos of. They used their parents’ camera or a compact camera or phone.

The walk was around the Zócalo and took us to the Gran Hotel with its amazing glass dome, the National Palace with the Diego Rivera murals about the History of Mexico, a brief look at the ruins of the Aztec Templo Mayor and a short visit to the Cathedral.

Besides the main monuments and buildings, some of the things the kids were looking out for were organ-grinders, Aztec dancers, a fountain, a special bell and a Mexico City taxi. They learned a lot about Mexico and the culture and enjoyed the challenge of crossing off everything on their list.

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