Photography Trip to El Oro and Tlalpujahua

A visit to two Pueblos Mágicos, one a former mining town and the other one famous for its hand-crafted Christmas ornaments

At the end of November, a group of us went for a day trip to two Pueblos Mágicos, a 2-hour drive from Mexico City, to photograph them and to buy some beautifully handmade Christmas ornaments.

Our first stop was at El Oro, once a thriving mining town but today a very quiet picturesque town. The architecture was quite different from the usual colonial style, with European influence due to the French and English mining companies that exploited its gold mines. We visited the unusual town hall with its red turrets and took photos of the mural there before heading for the Teatro Juárez, once filled by celebrites. Steam trains puffed their way here a long time ago but now the tracks are silent. A railway carriage has been turned into a unique café where we stopped for a coffee.

Next we continued on to Tlalpujahua, just over the border in the state of Michoacán, where it is Christmas all year round. This is a beautiful town with cobbled streets and a pretty pink church overlooking the town. We wandered around the town, had lunch on a roof terrace and photographed the local craftsmen making the Christmas ornaments. About 250 families here make glass ornaments, dip them in paint and decorate them, ready to sell in the local markets and abroad. We also had time to buy some of these beautiful works of art.

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