Photo Walk Nº 58 – Plaza de la Ciudadela

A stunning public library and Mexican crafts


Photo Walk Nº 58 took us to Mexico City’s Plaza de la Ciudadela, famous for its Craft Market where you can buy items made all over Mexico. Not so well known is the Biblioteca de México, a stunning public library in the centre of the square.

Our first stop was the Library, housed in a building which was once a tobacco factory and has also been military headquarters and even a prison. The original open courtyards have been covered with very modern structures where people can sit and work or consult books. Among the features of this library are five collections donated by well-known figures, each in beautifully designed spaces. Besides these, there are areas for children, cultural exhibitions and even a surprising library for blind people.

Not only did we visit these areas but we were also shown some very old copies of books, such as the third printed copy of Robinson Crusoe in French and a book on architecture dating from the late 1500s. Gloves, and in some cases masks too, have to be worn when handling these treasures although they can be consulted using the pdf files.

After that, we wandered across to the Craft Market to photograph some of the craftsman making their works of art and then made our way around some of the stands, getting pictures and buying some early Christmas presents.


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