Photo Walk Nº59 – Pilgrims at the Basilica de Guadalupe

Thousands of pilgrims and dozens of traditional dances full of color

With the Day of the Virgen de Guadalupe just a couple of days away, hundreds of thousands of pilgrims are flocking from all over Mexico to Mexico City’s Basilica to thank her for her favors and to perform their traditional dances in her honor.

We met up at the Basilica early on Sunday morning to photograph and experience this unique event and were treated to the sight of masses of people making their way up towards the Basilica and congregating in the large square. The weather was spectacular, a clear and crisp morning with deep blue skies, the kind that enhances any photo. 

For several hours we mingled with the pilgrims, watched their very colorful dances, learned about their traditions and cultures and visited both the old and new Basilicas. At one point, there were so many people that we found ourselves wedged tightly in the mass and decided not to climb up to the chapel on the top of the hill as that would take a very long time in such conditions. We found more than enough to photograph in the main squares and some of the nearby chapels.

Some of the dances we captured with our cameras were the Danza de los Santiagos and de Papantla (Veracruz), Danza de las Pastoras (Estado de México), Danza de los Diablos and de los Negritos (Oaxaca) and Danza de los Tigres and de Los Chinelos (Guerrero) among others.

We came away with hundreds of photos and lots of memories of an amazing time which anyone visiting or living in Mexico City should try to experience at least once.

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