A private Photo Walk – in search of art in Colonia Roma

Wandering around the streets of this unique neighborhood to photograph artwork of all kinds


The theme of this Photo Walk was art in Colonia Roma.. street art and artwork in general. We started at Plaza Luis Cabrera where there are lots of different styles of urban art in the nearby streets. Walking past a pulquería (a special bar selling an alcoholic beverage made from the fermented sap of the agave plant), we caught a glimpse of some murals painted on the walls inside and they were kind enough to let us go in and take photos.

Further along in the walk, we paid a visit to Casa Lamm, a cultural centre in a restored mansion, where we checked out some exhibitions of different types of artwork. From there, we made our way towards the Plaza Rio de Janeiro stopping off to photograph one of the most well-known pieces of street art in this neighborhood.. a woman’s face staring out from the wall of a school, a mural that was commissioned and has been there for several years without any graffiti spoiling it. These are just a few of the places which give La Roma its unique character.


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