Photo Walk Nº63 – Colonia Roma

Wandering around one of Mexico City’s most interesting neighborhoods

For Photo Walk Nº63, we met at Plaza Luis Cabrera for a short introduction about the history of Colonia Roma and the effects of the two major earthquakes in this area which is built on the former lakebed, making it vulnerable to earth movements.

We then set off to photograph some of the newer street art and other murals which have been around for longer. Because of the softer ground here, there has also been sinking with some ground floors quite a bit lower than the pavements or buildings which are leaning. One of the stops we made was to visit Casa Lamm to see how a beautiful old mansion has been restored and converted into a cultural centre.

After making our way past restaurants and cafés, through Plaza Rio de Janeiro with its replica of Michelangelo’s sculpture David and stopping for a coffee, we discovered some unusual places down Calle Frontera. One of these was an ice-cream shop with a difference… it looks more like a science laboratory and you can watch as the “scientists” make hand-crafted ice-cream using liquid nitrogen at a temperature of -195ºC. 

That is what makes Colonia Roma special… you can always be sure of coming across something that is novel or quite unexpected as you wander around at your leisure.




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