Photo Walk around Coyoacán with some young, enthusiastic photographers

Seeing Coyoacán from a new perspective

One of the aims of this photo walk around Coyoacán was to encourage these youngsters to be observant and see this neighborhood from a different point of view. Instead of taking the usual photos, we got closer for details, filling the frame, and took photos at ground level, looking up or even holding the camera up and pointing it down to get some more unusual shots. 

On the checklist of items to look out for and photograph were things like an interesting shadow, a reflection, coyotes (Coyoacán means “Place of the Coyotes” so there are many references around here), using natural frames and looking out for colors. We took photos of the fountains, Mexican hairless dogs and squirrels, the church and vendors in the main square. We also came across a large group of Aztec dancers who told us about their ceremony and allowed us to photograph them. After that, we made our way down to the market and tasted some “tostadas de Coyoacán” to end the walk.


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