Photo Walk Nº64 – In the Desierto de los Leones National Park

Photographing an old monastery in the mountains and enjoying nature

For this photo walk, we went up into the mountains a short distance from the noise and traffic of Mexico City to the Desierto de los Leones National Park. Hidden among the tall trees is an old monastery, built in the early 1600s for the Barefoot Carmelite monks, who took vows of silence and devoted their lives to prayer and contemplation. During the War of Mexican Independence, it was used as military headquarters and then left abandoned for a century until it was restored and opened to the public.

This place is ideal for photography, both architectural and nature, and we spent the morning capturing the essence of this monastery with its light and shadows, and also the wide variety of textures, patterns and shapes. We did some nature photography in the gardens, and experimented with selective focus and isolating subjects against the background.

After exploring the monastery, visiting the small museum and enjoying the gardens, we made our way down to a small lake and then had a coffee and something to eat at a nearby restaurant.

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