Photo Walk Nº 65 – Barrio Chino and San Juan Market

Visiting the small Barrio Chino and wandering around colorful markets


Photo Walk Nº65 started at the small Barrio Chino in the Centro Histórico which was recently renovated in time for the Chinese New Celebrations last weekend and we walked down Calle Dolores photographing the Chinese lanterns. As it is the Year of the Dog, there were small dog ornaments for sale, including some “Fridas”, the rescue dog which became famous for saving the lives of over 50 people during last September’s earthquake.

Next we visited Mexico City’s exotic and gourmet market, the Mercado de San Juan, where we photographed many of the stands, including those selling edible insects such as tarantulas, scorpions and flying ants. Needless to say, no-one really wanted to try any of these tasty morsels. Nearby is a craft market which we walked through and bought a few items.

Our next stop was a spectacular pulquería, a type of Mexican cantina which sells pulque, the fermented sap of the maguey plant with various flavors. The most interesting feature of the place were the bright Aztec symbols painted all over the walls and even the ceiling. Some of us tasted cranberry-flavored pulque, a drink with a rather distinctive texture.

After that we continued wandering down the streets full of small shops and vendors to the other San Juan Market, a much more local market with plenty of eating places and photogenic stalls. This was the perfect way to get to know some of Mexico City’s markets and foods and see how many Mexicans work.

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