Photo Walk with family around the Zócalo

Exploring 700 years of history in Mexico City’s main square

On this private photo walk with kids, we learned a few facts about Mexico City’s history and the kids photographed items on a checklist which included things like the Mexican flag and emblem, a special bell, an organ grinder, a pink taxi and Aztec dancers. 

We began at the Gran Hotel, made our way around the Zócalo to the statue showing the eagle on a cactus with a snake in its mouth seen by the Aztecs and then we spent some time watching the Aztec dancers and having photos taken with them. Our next stop was the Palacio Nacional to see Diego Rivera’s murals on the History of Mexico, where the children were also fascinated by all the cats in one of the courtyards. After that, we passed by the Cathedral and looked over the ruins of the Templo Mayor before making our way down to the Café de Tacuba for lunch.

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