Photo Walk Nº67 – Chimalistac

An oasis of peace and quiet in the middle of busy Mexico City

Tucked away out of sight between San Angel and Coyoacán is the neighborhood of Chimalistac, a beautiful quiet area just behind Avenida Insurgentes, one of the busiest streets in Mexico City. To visit it is like stepping back into Colonial days with its many fine mansions, its cobbled streets and fountains. Many years ago, this land belonged to the nearby ex-Convento del Carmen in San Angel and was full of orchards watered by two rivers which flowed through here, the Rio Magdalena and the Rio Chico. Though the rivers are no longer here, there are still several bridges made of volcanic rock, spanning what today is a garden area.

We began our photo walk in the Parque de la Bombilla with its beautifully-landscaped gardens and a massive art-deco style monument to Álavaro Obregón, President of Mexico, who was assassinated in 1928 in the restaurant “La Bombilla” located here. Next we made our way to the charming Plaza Federico Gamboa where the old church of San Sebastian stands surrounded by large houses with pink bougainvillea spilling over their façades. Further down, we joined the Paseo del Rio, now no longer a river but a garden area, lined by cobbled streets and large mansions, some of them historic monuments. Among the things we photographed were the houses, the gardens and blossoms, the bridges and the fountains. 

At the end of our walk, some of us stopped for refreshments at Café Toscana, the other side of Avenida Insurgentes.

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