Photo Walk Nº68 – Plaza Santo Domingo to Plaza Garibaldi

Exploring and photographing some hidden gems in the Centro Histórico

This photo walk took us to some places in the Centro Histórico that are not very well-known. We began in the Plaza Santo Domingo, a few streets behind the Zócalo. This colonial square with historic buildings surrounding it is full of surprises. The SEP building houses a large collection of Diego Rivera’s early murals which he painted between 1923 and 1928. 

Next door is the former Palacio de la Inquisición with a dark past where heretics were sentenced to torture or death. Today it houses the Museum of Mexican Medicine, with exhibits ranging from pre-Hispanic medicine, a herbolaria, the reproduction of an old X-ray room and a 19th Century pharmacy. Perhaps the most memorable display was the Embryon Room.

After a quick visit to the church and the printers’ stands under El Portal, where scribes once sat and wrote letters and documents for people and where you can still see ancient typewriters being used for a similar purpose, we had a coffee stop on the terrace of the hotel overlooking the square.

We then photographed a few hidden gems and made our way to Plaza Garibaldi, home of mariachi music, and then to the Palacio de Bellas Artes, where we took photos of the jacaranda trees nearby.

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