Photo Walk Nº69 – Chapultepec Park Section 2

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Enjoying the peace and quiet of Mexico City’s biggest park

For our photo walk around Chapultepec Park, the weather was perfect, the purple jacarandas were blooming and the park was beautifully quiet and peaceful in spite of the Easter Holidays.

We wandered around half of Section 2 of the park visiting both lakes and photographing the jacaranda trees and the nature and wildlife here. Not many people know that Diego Rivera did some murals called, “Water, the Origin of Life”, in the Cárcamo de Dolores, part of the park’s water system. The paintings were originally underwater but due to severe deterioration, the water was diverted and the murals have been restored. We visited this site and the Fuente de Tlaloc, also done by Diego Rivera.

After that, we stopped off at the Restaurante del Bosque on the lakeside for some refreshment before continuing past the restored fountains “Mito del Agua“, the Papalote Children’s Museum and the Fun Fair, “La Feria“. The cactus gardens provided some good opportunities for photos and then we made our way back to the starting point where some children and dogs were enjoying the fountains.

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