Mexico City


These consist of 3-hour walks in a small group around some neighborhood of Mexico City, usually in the morning. We explore the area and learn about the history or culture, meet people, visit markets and taste the food and learn to see the photographic opportunities around us. To take more interesting photos, especially of well-known sites, we look for natural frames, vary our viewpoints, pay attention to foregrounds and backgrounds, fill the frame and use other ideas.



Around the Zócalo – including the Cathedral, the murals in the Palacio Nacional…

(Take a look: Photo Walk around the Zócalo)


Around the Alameda – including the Palacio de Bellas Artes and Correos, the Alameda Park, Plaza Juarez..

(Take a look: Photo Walk around the Alameda Park)


Around Plaza de Santo Domingo – including the square, Portal de los Escribanos, murals in SEP, Café Tacuba…

(Take a look: Photo Walk around the Centro Histórico – Plaza Santo Domingo)


Beyond the Zócalo – Hospital de Jesús, palaces, murals in Supreme Court…

(Take a look:  Off the beaten path in the Centro Histórico)


Chapultepec Park – Chapultepec Castle, the lakes and vendors in the park, Voladores de Papantla… 

(Take a look: Photo Walk around Chapultepec Castle, the park and the Voladores de Papantla)

Voladores de Papantla, Mexico City

Chapultepec Park Section 2 – wildlife and nature, cactus gardens, lake, fountains, Diego Rivera murals in the Cárcamo, skate park…

(Take a look: Photo Walk around Chapultepec Park Section 2)


Condesa – Parque México, Art-déco architecture, tianguis (street market), dog trainers, cafés and restaurants…

(Take a look: Photo Walk around Condesa)


Polanco – modern architecture, Soumaya Museum, abstract…

(Take a look: Photo Walk around Plaza Carso in Polanco)


Polanco/Reforma- Parque Lincoln, Memorial a las Víctimas, sculptures, Polanquito

(Take a look: Photo Walk around Parque Lincoln (Polanco) and Reforma)


Monumento a la Revolución and Reforma – plus murals in the Loteria Nacional, Caballito, Monumentos a Colon y Cuauhtémoc… 

(Take a look: Photo Walk around Monumento a la Revolución and Reforma)


Colonia Roma – Art Nouveau/Art-deco architecture, leafy streets, details…

(Take a look: Photo Walk around Colonia Roma)


Plaza de las Tres Culturas – Aztec ruins, Colonial church and convent, 1960s residential complex, museums – all in one square

(Take a look:  Plaza de las Tres Culturas)


Around Ciudadela – craft market and craftsmen at work, an incredible library, Image Centre

(Take a look: Ciudadela Craft Market and Christmas Street Art)


Coyoacán – including Francisco Sosa Street, Jardín Hidalgo, Museo de Arte Popular, Mercado de Coyoacán…

(Take a look: Coyoacán Part 1  and   Coyoacán Part 2)


San Angel – squares, old mansions, San Jacinto, ex-Convento del Carmen, Mercado de San Angel…

(Take a look: Photo Walk around San Angel)


Street art in the Centro Histórico

(Take a look: Street art in the Centro Histórico)


Santa Maria La Ribera – off the beaten path, unusual buildings, old neighborhood, massive modern library… (Take a look: Photo Walk around Santa Maria La Ribera)


Basilica de Guadalupe – pilgrims, dancers, devotion, architecture…

(Take a look: Photo Walk at the Basilica de Guadalupe)



Paseo de la Reforma – modern buildings, monuments, the Angel de la Independencia, contrasts

(Take a look: Paseo de la Reforma )


Anthropology Museum – stunning architecture, exhibits, reflections…

(Take a look: National Anthropology Museum )


Chapultepec Park and the Botanical Gardens – nature photography and hidden corners in the park

(Take a look: Chapultepec Park and the Botanical Gardens)


Chimalistac – Quiet neighborhood with cobbled streets, colonial houses and old stone bridges 

(Take a look: Chimalistac)


Cathedral bell-towers, Templo Mayor and Mexico Fair

(Take a look:  Cathedral bells, Templo Mayor and Mexico Fair )


Street art and architecture in Roma Norte – including Plaza Romita

(Take a look:  Street art and architecture in Roma Norte )