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Photo Walk Nº67 – Chimalistac

An oasis of peace and quiet in the middle of busy Mexico City Tucked away out of sight between San Angel and Coyoacán is the neighborhood of Chimalistac, a beautiful quiet area just behind...


Photo Walk with family around the Zócalo

Exploring 700 years of history in Mexico City’s main square On this private photo walk with kids, we learned a few facts about Mexico City’s history and the kids photographed items on a checklist...


Photo Walk Nº63 – Colonia Roma

Wandering around one of Mexico City’s most interesting neighborhoods For Photo Walk Nº63, we met at Plaza Luis Cabrera for a short introduction about the history of Colonia Roma and the effects of the...


Photo Walk Nº62 – Colorful San Angel

Cobbled streets, colonial mansions, colorful walls and craft shops For Photo Walk Nº62 we went to explore San Angel, a beautiful quiet place which feels more like a provincial town than a neighborhood in the...